Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Polyester as an Eco-Friendly Fiber

I've been posting less about green fashion, but it's still on my radar. There are many creative people out there in the fashion world looking for ways to make our clothing habits more environmentally friendly. This article on Ecouterre makes a good point: much-aligned polyester has potential for ethical fashion, despite its use of non-renewable resources. It is easier to recycle than other fibers, and its upkeep requires less water and energy. Best of all, the author hits the mark with her question:

Can one often-worn and well-loved polyester garment be good for the environment?

My answer is yes, because my own clothing philosophy is based on a flexible, high mileage wardrobe. My well-made, high quality black polyester trousers have survived five years of weekly use (daily use when I attend conferences). $50 on sale, dry cleaned two or three times a year. It's about time to start shopping for a replacement pair, and I am still thinking polyester.


Po-Zu Vegan Shoes said...

An interesting point. There are so many different factors to consider for sustainable clothing. I agree how long lasting a piece of clothing is is hugely important. Also synthetic clothing often dries quicker so sometimes avoids the use of tumble drying which has a big impact.

uu-mom said...

I love thrift stores. I don't influence what other people buy, but why not reuse? There are some great shops out there and you never know what you might find. I've also found a lot of good buys there that last a long time. Although, I would not be easily accused of being fashion-conscious. :) Though sometimes I've been complimented on my clothes.

Jo said...

About a quarter of my wardrobe -- and all of my cashmere sweaters -- are from my local thrift store, so I am believer, too! I usually have to get my trousers new, however -- Value Village rarely seems to have talls, and I like my pants to cover my ankles.

P-Z, that's a good point. The environmental cost of laundering is an important aspect to consider, but the fashion industry seems intent on focusing on offering trendy -- green -- things to buy!