Saturday, December 1, 2007

Leaving Eddie

I'm divorcing Eddie Bauer. After close to three decades of being a faithful customer, I've done my research and Eddie hasn't measured up. You'd think that a company that relied on a customer base that spends a lot of time outdoors and enjoying nature would care more about the environment. But a search on "organic" in their online catalog turned up 0 hits; ditto a search on "recycled".  As for "imported" -- 808 hits ! (Compared with 47 for "USA") I've been a fan of Eddie Bauer for so long because they seemed to like us tall girls.   I can get sweaters, shirts, and pants that go all the way down my wrists and all the way down my ankles. I've never liked the number of catalogues they send; they're in my mailbox as often as Value-Pak. But I notified them that I don't want any more catalogues. Let me know when you want me back back, Eddie; I'll be waiting.


Hal said...

Jo! I divorced them years ago -- not so tall -- because I missed the mix of equipment AND sturdy, warm fashion.

Jo Paoletti said...

It does seems to me that they've tried to pursue being trendy (not always successfully) at the expense of quality construction. Where do you get your outdoor togs now?

Mbs said...

Jo that was (is) MbS....Hal's identity is enshrined in this browser.

My outdoor togs are anything on sale at REI, or from the thrift store.....stretch pants of any sort are perfect for biking....I think they might be called yoga pants now. But the rise is often wrong, as the waist-wackiness of ultra low rise is often a problem.