Sunday, January 13, 2008

Slow Fashion in SF

West Coast designer Kirsten Beneke is way ahead of me. "aWear", her recent day-long teach-in/fashion event was the focus of an article in the January 13 San Francisco Chronicle and the coverage echoes much of what I said in a recent post. The event featured no-sew designs, a clothing swap and speakers on sustainable style, along with the more traditional fashionista magnets like a trunk show and designer showcases. It's a well-research article that combines solid facts about the impact of fashion "a pair of jeans takes 1,800 gallons of water to make," with pithy sound bites from conference organizers and participants -- "Limits build creativity". As a language geek, I was also fascinated by all the new terms used in the article: permacouture and regenerative fashion (biodegradable materials that return nutrients to the environment). And my new eco-hero is Lynda Grose, an entrepreneur and adjunct professor who teaches sustainable style at two bay area design programs AND HAS BEEN DOING IT FOR FIVE YEARS!

Needless to say, I am getting very excited about going to San Francisco for this year's Popular Culture Association meeting.

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