Saturday, January 26, 2008

Value Village: Fashion Destination

One place to find sustainable fashion is one of the many new eco-boutiques popping up on the retain landscape. There, you'll find the latest styles, fabricated of organic or recycled materials and offered at prices comparable to the eco-oblivious specialty shop next door. But the savvy shopper knows that great ethical fashion and great prices coexist at your local thrift store. Happily, the thrift industry is wising up to its role in green consumption, as evidenced by the Value Village website, which showcases VV's commitment to the environment and the importance of consuming reusable products and donating unwanted items instead of discarding them. The best part is that the VV website LOOKS like a fashion website. (Contrast this with Goodwill Industries, which emphasizes its charitable activities and bargains.) Note the Fashion Links, which take you to some great resources on styling and refashioning thrift finds -- or perhaps just reviving something that's languishing in your closet. ETA: This is the Value Village chain based in Seattle, also known as Savers in Canada, NOT any of the many other "Value Village" stores on the east coast. (My, it's a popular name!)

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Anonymous said...

That is a nice website, but it's not OUR value village.