Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pamoyo -- Green Design with a Difference

Since I set up my various ecofashion news and blog alerts many months ago, my inbox has been flooded with PR from dozens -- nay, scores -- of emerging designers and boutiques. Some are interesting, but too many were just the same ol' same ol' -- all about the fiber (100% cotton! bamboo, the wonder fiber!) both otherwise built on the existing industry model. After a while, the eyes glaze over.

Enter Pamayo, the brainchild of a Swedish designer living in Berlin. It has the usual stuff -- sustainable fibers, repurposed vintage -- but it promises to add one interesting twist: it is the first open source fashion label, as in Creative Commons. (You may need to scroll down on the blog; it was posted on April 28.) They plan to publish patterns and designs online, thereby connecting the DIY and independent design community with a RTW fashion line.

I have only one, tiny quibble.In their April 22 blog entry, I find this:

"Every piece is hand made and unique. Integrated recycled materials and a rough sewing style make them feel authentic and exclusive." As a craftsperson, I rankle at the suggestion that it is necessary to "dumb down" my technique to convince prospective customers of the authenticity of the product. For centuries before the industrial revolution, people made beautiful handmade textiles, clothing, pottery and other goods. No one expects a homebrew to taste crude and nasty; why does microproduced fashion have to be rough and amateurish?

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CP said...

Creative Commons! I can use this a class discussion point when we look at intellectual property.

AND, the word verification today is NIQAX. Cool.