Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thread debuts: online ethical fashion magazine

The BBC announced Thursday the launch of a new online magazine, Thread, dedicated to ethical fashion and catering to the large and growing portion of the 16-30 age groups who claim an interest in sustainable style. (Not to be confused with Threads, for about the last twenty years the periodical for people who care about slow, hand-made fashion that -- gasp -- doesn't look "homemade".)

The premiere issue of Thread has a great mix of informative articles (here's one on the hidden cost of cheap clothes) and style layouts (mostly for skinny young things, but, hey, it's their turn). All I want to know is when BBC America or some other US channel is going to air the BBC four-part series "Blood, Sweat and T-shirts":

Six young fashion addicts experience life as factory workers in India,
making clothes for the British high street. In this four-part series,
the six work in the mills of India’s cotton belt and stitch clothes in
cramped back rooms, sleeping next to their sewing machine. See how it
changes their attitudes to cut-price clothing.

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