Monday, June 16, 2008

So here's the cheat sheet you've been waiting for....

According to the New York Times*, consumers are showing signs of fatigue and confusion about eco-conscious choices. Nalgene or not? Cloth or paper? Too many choices+too much information=plastic shopping bags full of lunchables, or something like that. Jen Boulden, of daily advice dispenser, sums up the feedback she's been getting:

"Just tell me what I need to know, just give me the cheat sheet."

Ok, here it is:

Don't replace things unless they are worn out, harmful or dangerous. Replacing untrendy things with trendy things -- even green trendy things -- is not sustainable consumption.

Don't waste what you have. Remember the ancient economy of using "everything but the squeal" when butchering hogs? Why in heaven's name are you buying Swiffer refills and throwing out old T-shirts? Turn off the lights in the empty room, already.

Consume less, produce more. More what, you may ask? There's the beauty of it. Produce homemade pie, or music or a love letter or a ghost story in the dark.

Eschew the consumption or production of knick-knacks. You know what I mean and you know who you are.

IMHO, if you pretty much do these things regularly, you are doing a whole lot, and should stop beating yourself up over your lack of eco-purity.

*Thanks to the Awesomest Son-in-Law Evah for the link.

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