Friday, July 4, 2008

Look ma! My pants stay up now!

My second foray into refashioning is even more boring than my first -- I inserted elastic into the waistband of a pair of lightweight denim cropped pants. I bought them on sale last summer because they were just what I was looking for (right length, deep pockets, transitional weight fabric that would take me into fall) but they had one flaw that revealed itself on the first wearing. They fit great in the dressing room, and for about the first hour after washing. But by the end of the day, the waistband was riding lower and (even more annoyingly) so was the crotch. I was wearing them less than twice a month, usually on laundry day -- and certainly NOT out in public!

Here's the fix:

I cut a piece of elastic wide enough to fit in the waistband and about an inch and a half shorter than the distance from one from belt loop to the other, going around the back of the pants. I threaded it through the waistband (using the time-honored giant safety pin method) and tacked it down by machine right under each belt loop, so the stitching is not visible.

Degree of difficulty: sharp scissors and sewing machine basics
Materials: about 24" of 3/4" elastic and thread to match pants
Time: about 20 minutes (could have been less if I had the TV off)

Results: pants that stay up and get worn twice a week, including to my favorite local brew pub.

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