Monday, July 7, 2008

Not mainstream yet

I am often asked if eco-fashion is mainstream; the short answer is not quite. Consider regular products that could be considered part of the everyday sartorial landscape: jeans, T-shirts, ballet flats. If you aren't in the market for ethical (organic, sustainable, fair trade), you can find them nearly everywhere, in every size and age range and at every price point. While eco-versions are also available, the choice set is reduced. Are you plus size? petite? tall? A child between toddler and teen sizes? Do you have large feet, or need narrow or wide shoes?

Large chain grocery stores are labeling their local produce and carrying their own brands of organic food, but ethical fashion is a long way from that level of ubiquity. In some ways, that's a good thing.

"What?!", you cry. "Are you going crazy, Nice White Lady"? Consider this: there's probably not enough organic cotton, hemp or fair trade fashion to satisfy the demand of even a quarter of the fashion machine as it now exists. A recent G Living article raised this question in more detail.

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