Wednesday, July 2, 2008

NWL on the Kojo Nnamdi Show

I'll be appearing on WAMU's Kojo Nnamdi Show this afternoon from 1:06-2:00. You can listen online if you don't live in the Washington, DC area. (As a serious KN fan, I will try not to behave like a schoolgirl.) Here's an advance listing of websites I'll probably be mentioning:

FTC (Look for the light green "eco in the market" button on the right side, or search for a fiber name)
Organic Clothing A great source for detailed information about organic fibers
Greenloop Of course! Home to "In the Loop", a terrific blog about designers and manufacturers.
Treehugger Eco-fashion and much, much more
Wardrobe Refashion Feeling crafty? Into DIY style? Take the pledge or just get ideas here.


Aysia Wright said...

Hi there - I have popped in to read your blog a few times and I love your straight forward approach. I also just wanted to say thank you for your support too. I hope the show goes well today.

Aysia Wright

~Binkles said...

I was personally offended by your lack of knowledge on the KN show.

For one, there are many options for vegetarian shoes (I see you have a link on your website - not sure why you didn't mention it). One could spend 3 minutes on the internet and discover places like MooShoes (NYC) and Pangea (Silver Spring) that sells a wide variety of shoes, including professional grade. My girlfriend's shoe collection is completely vegetarian, and she needs professional shoes.

Secondly, and more importantly - One cannot get high from hemp. There is practically immeasurable amounts of THC in hemp. In addition to clothing products, hemp is sold as food - it is a great vegetarian substitute for fish, providing omega fatty acids. I have been working on ways to promote hemp as a longer lasting and earth friendly alternative to cotton and many other products.

By your comment on the radio that when one purchases a hemp shirt, they must promise not to smoke it - you've done a world of damage to my cause.

Please look into the viability of hemp, and do some good, or at least try not to do any more harm.

Jo Paoletti said...

Binkles, I am truly sorry to have offended you.

As you correctly point out, hemp will not get anyone high. (Organic Clothing, my go-to source for intense fiber information, notes that anyone trying to smoke hemp socks "would get nauseous before they get high...) I knew that, but went for the "humorous" comment as a nervous reflex. (Imagine a big-time Myers-Briggs Introvert finding herself on the radio for only the second time in forty years.) As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I thought "sh_t"! and then the conversation sped on. I thought about it all the way home.

As to the shoe issue, my mileage has varied, and I just had to be honest about it. I've purchased and worn inexpensive polyurethane/cotton blend shoes(including a pair from Pangea, probably ten years ago) and been unhappy with them. I have checked out Mooshoes and was turned off by the prices (most are $95 and up) and the lack of information about materials. If a consumer can get ballet flats in manmade materials for $25 at Payless, it's hard to explain to them why a "vegan" pair at Mooshoes is worth $85. And for me, the choice between polyurethane/cotton and leather is not so simple. (Add vintage leather or maintaining leather shoes so they last longer, and it gets even more complex.) See this 2007 Slate article for technical details.

What I was trying to accomplish in the segment -- which was really too short for the topic, don't you agree? -- was raise awareness of a few of the issues and resources available for consumers. "Ethical fashion" carries a wide range of meanings, and not everyone will make the same choices.

I do appreciate your comments, and the opportunity to clarify.