Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A pause to reflect

You've probably noticed the hiatus. Last week I was at my annual retreat/reunion with about 200 members of my Unitarian Universalist "faith family". It's the kind of experience that refuels my hope for a better, more just world. Then I returned home to the unfolding story of a sad, tormented man who decided to attack "the liberal movement" by taking a shotgun to a children's worship performance at the on Tennessee Valley UU church in Knoxville. I'll get back soon to the business side of being a Nice White Lady, a job that now and then gets me some verbal smackdowns but is otherwise sufficiently harmless to be safe. I've been reading too many news stories and bloggers (left and right), but this one is close enough to my own thoughts that I'd like to share.

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almostgotit said...

Thank you for taking the time to come comment on my blog -- I wanted to return the favor and see what *you* write about!

It has been very encouraging and inspiring to see the way your UU faith family has handled this tragedy. Knoxville (my home town) has been very moved.