Tuesday, August 19, 2008

scrap knitting teddies

My two month stint with Wardrobe Refashion is nearly done, and although it's been an enjoyable challenge, I'm not re-upping. Between The Book and The Blog, I have enough on my plate! All my recent sewing has been mending -- useful, but not glamorous or inspirational. So instead I've been devoting my creative energies to knitting. The big project is a vest from a few skeins of yarn I found in the sale basket at my local yarn shop, but the fun little ones have been these bears I made using odds and ends of yarn from other projects. they stand about 12" tall, and are fast and simple to make. The pattern is from Knitting for Peace by Betty Christiansen, one of my favorite books.


Nora Howley said...

Too cute! What are you stuffing them with?

Jo said...

My enormously embarrassing stash includes a large bag of polyfill which will be completely used up in about 15 years, at the rate I am going.

Laurie said...

We must have the same bag. :)

Laurie in Mpls.

Jo said...

Which proves that the laws of physics have exceptions.