Friday, August 1, 2008

What about the bamboo ads?

I am having a really existential Nice White Lady moment. What do I do about the bamboo ads that pop up in rotation on my own site? (This is my modest attempt to "monetize" my expertise -- so far it's earned me $11.49 in the last six months, and I won't get paid until it hits $100, sometime in 2013.) Here's what I suggest: send the advertisers a comment along the lines of, "Please label your products according to the FTC regulations: RAYON, MADE FROM BAMBOO." I've been doing this on my own when I get a news alert about a new product, or see another article about the wonders of bamboo textiles. But a few more voices won't hurt.

Additional note after sleeping on the issue: I think I'd also be happy with "Bamboo Rayon". I do think bamboo (the raw material) is a very promising solution to global environmental problems. I'd be even happier to see certification of sustainable processing (there are a few new viscose processes out there) or organic cultivation (ex.- GOTS certification). Many savvy consumers I've talked to are not displeased to find out that "bamboo" is rayon -- they like rayon! -- but they are unhappy with the perceived attempt to mislead them by not using the r___ word.

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