Friday, December 5, 2008

Conscious Consumption, Christmas edition #4 -- Fair Trade

If fair trade consumption is a priority for you, the options for ethical gift-shopping have been multiplying. Much as I love making things, I can't always spare the time to make all my gifts. (Besides, my friends and family can only use so many mittens, socks and scarves.) The next best thing, for me, is to support local craftspeople or entrepreneurs in developing countries whose work is fair trade. (By fair trade, I mean fairly-paid, clean and dignified work.) Some of my favorite gifts have been either local products (soaps, bath salts, a lovely hand-woven scarf) or imported fair-trade items (recycled paper earrings from Ten ThousandVillages -- a gift to myself!!!).
As promised, here are a few links to get you started:

Alternative Gift Fairs (Washington, DC area) by eBay
Ten Thousand Villages
SERRV international

Sometimes these are bargains (those $10 earrings!), but often they cost more than mass-produced items, as they should!

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