Sunday, December 21, 2008

Making "green" sexy: Eco-Boudoir

Too many journalists writing about eco-fashion trot out the tired old stereotype that environmentally-friendly fashion was once somehow about hairy legs and Birkenstocks. It's always been about making smart, planet-conscious and ethically aware choices. And, as this video from Eco-Boudoir demonstrates, that can be pretty darn sexy. Not safe for work!

I am not completely happy with this site; the fiber information under "Good Pants" manages to omit the fact that bamboo fabric=rayon, not some new material, and it ascribes unsubstantiated magical qualities to the fabric on the basis of their presence in the raw fiber. On the plus side, they do mention some of the industry's misgivings about bamboo rayon processing, and they do not attribute magical properities to soy fiber, as some sites have. (It's good for your skin!)

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