Monday, February 2, 2009

New Resource: Green

If you prefer your green fashion info video-style, instead of text. There's a new option: The Green, a video blog by California-based eco-stylist Pam Brandon. Accordng to the website,

The Green Fashionista
is an Internet TV
program sharing green fashion information, facts, tips and how-tos. We
cover green fashion topics like eco-fashions made from sustainable
fabrics, how to recycle what you already own, and where to shop for
used and eco-friendly fashion.  We also have fun with topics such
as celebrities who are dressing green, finding a popular look in a
green version, and more. Host Pam Brandon proves you can look fabulous
and leave a smaller carbon footprint by going green in the fashion

So far, I like what I see. It's a nice blend of DIY, interviews and trend-spotting.


Dwayne said...

Hello, I love, love, love this idea, Green Fashions are still at their infant stages in main stream fashions, but I would almost guarantee a popularity outburst once our economy is stimulated once again! I will be following you and your updates. Thank you for the great idea!

Jo said...

I am cautiously optimistic that consumer behavior is going to change. Just read this week that the "It" bag is out.