Thursday, May 7, 2009

Icebox to zero; the cycle begins again

Early spring is an interesting time in my kitchen. The freezer is giving up the last of last year's harvest -- okra and pureed squash (not together, heavens no!). The garden is just beginning to produce (thinnings of lettuce and spinach). If it ever stops raining here in Maryland I will be adding some tomatoes, squash and eggplant to the mix. And, joy of joys, our local farmers markets are open again and brimming with tasty fresh veggies.

We are not complete locavores, but I do have a working philosophy. In the winter, we eat what we've frozen), augmented by non-local varieties: bananas, oranges, avocados. I do try to select fruits and vegetables which have traveled the shortest distance (Georgia, not Chili), and wish there was a little "train" sticker to show me which have come at least halfway by rail. But for things I can get locally in season, I wait. There really is something special about enjoying strawberries, corn and peaches during that brief time when they are really fresh and ripe. For now, butternut bisque and spring greens. Soon, strawberry rhubarb pie. Worth waiting for!

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