Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Marybeth's Jacket - A True Story

Wordsmithing is a very odd craft. When I write blog posts, or work on my book, it sometimes seems I have nothing to show for my effort. It's hard for me to feel satisfied looking at characters on a screen, or a sheet of paper. This year I have probably spent more time making things -- cooking, knitting, crocheting, sewing -- than I have writing. Writing empties me, and making things restores me. Does this mean I am not really a writer at heart?Last week I wrote every morning, wrestling two recalcitrant chapters into order. Now I have a pile of paper, not unlike the pile of paper I had the week before. In the afternoons, I cut, stitched and ironed fabric, restoring a friend's battered thrift store jacket. The story continues here.

I wanted to do this project because the jacket needed it, I needed real work (the kind that ends with something tangible) and Marybeth is one of those women who always serves the cake at the party and forgets to save a piece for herself. Thank you, Marybeth, for trusting me with your jacket and for being my friend.


cathleen said...

Simply Lovely!! An amazing transformation. The cuff accents and the valentine on the back are charming! Beautiful art for a beautiful soul!

Needles said...

It is quite lovely, and even though Marybeth and I have never met, she is one of my best imaginary friends. She saved my soul, and she is worth every stitch. She has actually been in Saskatchewan so this makes her practically related, or Canadian or something like that.

I've been reading your blog for some time now (and really enjoy it) but could not remember how I found you. Now I know.

I should warn you, I can't spell worth a hoot, and I don't do grammar, but I knit, crochet, embroider and wish to live in splendid harmony with our lovely earth.

Jo said...

Thank you Cathleen and Needles, for the warm comments. My mother was born in Central Butte, Saskatchewan, and my brother lives near North Bay, so I guess that makes us also "practically related"!

Anonymous said...

Oh my .. MB you are one of the best imaginary friends!!!

Jo.. thank you for transforming our friend... wonderful work and exceptional art!

And all for someone who deserves everything. We love MB!!