Monday, August 17, 2009

More stuff for girls

What does it say about the state of my femininity that this kind of product is the very last thing I would buy?

Usually manufacturers just slap a coat of pink paint on when the marketing electronics to women. Sony Ericsson clearly put a lot more thought into its Jalou phone, which comes out later this year, but still managed to come up with one of the most insulting pieces of electronics on the market.

From, h/t to the awesome Jacob.

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uu-mom said...

Wondering about your Ads by Google. Is that Blogspot providing those or are they yours?

I probably wouldn't have seen it since I usually use Firefox with Ad Blocker, but I was testing some sites on IE & am seeing the first image Google ad that I've noticed & it's appropriate for your post - Seventh Generation cleaner which is supposed to be an environmentally safe product.