Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Words matter

One of the things we will be doing tomorrow is discussing the many
names and flavors of "the simple life". In talking about this blog, I
often use the term "voluntary simplicity", but that name has come to
identify a movement. Although I am familiar with the movement and have
even read many of the classic works, I don't consider myself part of
the movement. Part of that is a matter of community; while I belonged
to a simplicity circle about ten years ago, I no longer have any
relationship with any organized group, network or community.

I am happier with describing what I do as conscious living. I am
trying to reduce the distractions of stuff and busy-ness and to
minimize the harm my lifestyle does to others and to the environment.
I realize that my lifestyle is to a certain extent an accident of
being born in an affluent, highly industrialized country, but I also
acknowledge that I can make informed choices.

I will be curious to hear how they define the simple life. Stay tuned.

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