Friday, November 26, 2010

Nice White Lady is back!

I am back, after a too-long hiatus. I am still waiting to do the revisions on my book, which means I may disappear at any moment, but lately this blog has been calling to me. As with most sabbaticals, taking time off from NWL has given me time to re-think my purpose. Long-time readers may remember when it was about white privilege, anti-racism and crafting an ethical life. Then, the emergence of the green fashion movement, especially the sudden trendiness of bamboo rayon, pulled me almost entirely into sustainable style, leave other everyday issues in the shadows. Those issues didn't go away, so NWL's focus on ecofashion left me with nowhere to ponder all the other internal conflicts and ethical dilemmas in my life.

Finally, it hit me. A blog is not a book; I don't have to maintain a tight focus for pages and pages (or years and years). While ethical consumption will still be an important theme, I plan to expand my scope to include other everyday quandaries. If I can resolve the question by referring to etiquette, dogma or ideology, I probably won't trouble you with it. This is the place where I try to figure out how to handle life's humble conflicts, while staying true to myself, a nice white lady who is not trying to save the world, just discern my own right path through it.


Annie said...

I'm glad you're back! I've been missing reading your posts.

Jo said...

Thanks! Nice to be, you know.