Thursday, October 13, 2011

I have 25 slaves working for me

Slavery Footprint is a newly launched website and mobile app to help consumers calculate how many slaves are working to prodvide what you use, wear and eat. It's easy to navigate, and "fun" to use, if something that informs you that dozens -- or hundreds -- of human beings, many of them children, are working under the worst possible condictions to make sure you have your chocolate bar, designer jeans and MP3 player. My score was 25, and I am grateful that the website also points me to actions to make slavery truly a thing of the past.


Monette said...

Blech, I have 61. I'm sure that I didn't answer questions as well as I could've. Gadgets and clothing were what got me. Does it count that I buy most of my clothing from thrift stores?

Jo said...

It does for me, Monette! I think the site is a good way to open the conversation, and to promote awareness of present-day slavery, but I am not sure how to react to my score, out of context.