Monday, October 28, 2013

It's been too long..

This blog has been looking unloved for too long.

I have been absent for many good, sensible reasons. First, I have been busy writing about gender and clothing, which didn't quite fit with the NWL focus. Second, there has been an explosion of blogs and social media about sustainable consumption, and I felt less pressure to add my two cents. 

Still, I feel the occasional tug to check in here and update any readers about my personal journey and share my insights on events and trends in Consumerland. I've been curating three collections on -- Aging Well, Looking Good, Fashion and Culture, and Pink and Blue. Aging Well, Looking Good is my stockpile for my next book (mental title: Age Appropriate). Fashion and Culture is a resource for my course, Fashion and Consumer Culture. Pink and Blue is all things gender and appearance. Notice: I have no ethical/sustainable/minimalist consumption collection. 

Frankly, it seems like we first-world denizens have all the information we need about consumerism and its impact. If our grandchildren come of age in a dirtier, more dangerous, more divided world, it won't be from lack of facts, but lack of will.

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