Saturday, November 24, 2007

Organic T-shirt? Check the label!

I was perusing the sale racks at my local outdoor outfitter, and happened on some very good prices on organic cotton T-shirts. The catch -- most were dark green, brown or black, and while the label proudly proclaimed them to be "100% organic cotton", they were silent on the subject of dyes and finishing. Remember the embarrassing case of the bamboo and cotton T-shirts proclaiming that "green is the new black" that turned out to be "semi-environmentally friendly"? So I passed on the shirts.

Needless to say, Tshirt d'Art won't be getting any of my business anytime soon for their new line of T-shirts, buttons and caps. (The thong IS tempting, though!) The "green is the new black" slogan may sound green, but these T's are the same old product in an environmental wrapper. I wonder if they have plans for disposable foam hot cups with the "green" logo? And even though they'll donate 10% of the price to the World Wildlife Fund, Chaser's GITNB T-shirt isn't on my wishlist -- at least, not until they tell me the fiber content!

It's not impossible to find T-shirts is made from environmentally friendly dyes as well as fibers; check out this one from Green Home. To be a smart green shopper, ya gotta read the label -- including what they DON'T say.

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