Friday, November 23, 2007

Sustainable Style Challenge

My current project: a stylish, environmentally-friendly dressy outfit for my 25-year-old daughter.

She's a recently-married college student; she composts her kitchen trash, uses a push mower and buys local produce. Her like-minded husband is a newly-minted government attorney. They had a pared-down wedding and as green a reception as we could manage. She realizes that her student wardrobe (t-shirts, jeans and hoodies) won't cut it for the upcoming holiday events, but she's not about to head to the mall to get a trendy "seasonal" outfit. I offered to pay for -- and help her put it together -- and experiment in sustainable style. Her requirements:

recycled/reused/repurposed is preferred to new
multiple use is preferred to single use
locally made/fair trade/union made is preferred to unknown working conditions
renewable fibers preferred to those from petroleum
comfortable and flattering!

So here's my challenge to my readers:

Assemble a dressy outfit (men's or women's) and either post it here as a comment or email it to jo at and we'll have an online fashion show! Include the source and cost of each item; I'll reward the top three with $25, $15 and $10 gift certificates to the online vender of your choice!


vegetablej said...

Can we get a picture or sketch of her, so we have some idea of what would look good on her/her taste?

And what kind of events does she want to wear it to?


Jo Paoletti said...

Actually, the challenge is for you to create/assemble your own outfit, or for a friend if you prefer!