Monday, March 10, 2008

repair, refashion 101 -- buttons

Mending, it seems, has become a lost art! So before running out to buy a new, organic hemp shirt to replace an otherwise wearable one that's lost a button, consider the green virtues of repairing and refashioning. If the garment didn't come with a spare button, and you don't have a button box (how sad), you'll need to seek out a fabric store and look for a good match. Buttons come several on a card; you can either buy them to match (and put the extras in your button box) or you can jazz up your shirt or cardigan with a new set in a completely different style. I have even seen lots of refashioned clothes featuring mismatched, multicolored buttons that look amazing.

Don't know how to sew on a button? It's easy as pie.

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