Sunday, April 27, 2008

T-Shirts, continued

Given the popularity and ubiquity of T-shirts, over the last 35 years, it's possible that some of us have several years' supply in our closets and drawers. The best way to reduce our fashion footprint is to increase the milage (wearage? I am liking that word) of the things we already own, so thinking of ways to extend the useful life of T-shirts and other lightweight cotton and cotton-blend knits could be an excellent start.

I offer few ideas that have popped up here and there.

1) T-shirt cutting, which is repurposing shirts by slashing, decorating and generally getting creative with them. If you are feeling creative (and you are over 18), you can enter Greenloop's T-Shirt Cutting contest.

2) layering them under sheer or lacy tops. This is working well for my two-year old shirts which are still wearable but have aged enough to make them less appropriate for work and dressy occasions. I wore an old turquoise tank under a salmon-colored thread lace sweater the other evening and got lots of complements. Last night I noticed a friend sporting a solid color T-shirt under a long-sleeved white shirt in a burnout patterned fabric.

3) Transforming children's beloved but outgrown T's into decorative items such as pillows and quilts.

4) Framing your favorite rock concert or protest event T so you can enjoy the memory on your wall, where it will last longer than on your body.

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