Thursday, April 24, 2008

Send us your old stuff, so we can make more green stuff

Now, there's two ways to read that sentence. It could be a plea for recyclables (good thing) or to could be a green-tinged ploy to make a lot of cash with free raw materials (maybe not so good). Take a look at Loomstate and Barneys' latest foray into eco-fashion. Your call:

Is it

a) a way to keep T-shirts out of the landfill

b) a way to turn donated freebies into pricey items for the Barneys holiday 2008 collection

c) a way to get eco-fashionistas into Barneys (note the helpful link)

It's nice that part of the proceeds from the recycled shirts will be channeled through 1% for the Planet (a network of business that contribute to environmental causes), because at the usual Barneys' prices, it's unlikely that the shirt donors will have anything to show for their own generosity. I think I'll hang on to my old T-shirts, restyle myself and save the carfare to ship them to Loomstate.

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