Friday, February 20, 2009

Frugal Trend: Alterations and repairs has an interesting article today about the booming market for tailors and cobblers. Not surprisingly, hard economic times encourage consumers to send old garments to the repair shop instead of the landfill. This is not only good for the pocketbook, it's great for the environment as well. Unfortunately, during good times it's hard for people to remember those lessons, but we can only hope. Curious about how much alterations cost? That will obviously depend on where you live, but this price list from a seamstress in New Mexico will give you a clue. Discoveries:

Pet fashion alterations!
$5.00 each to sew on patches such as Girl Scout recognitions (!!!!)

Obviously, everything in your closet is not worth repairing. But there are no doubt some items that would cost much more to replace than to repair. I'm an especially big fan of cobblers, because I am very picky about shoes. I'd much rather take a pair of well-made, classic shoes and have them re-heeled than spend the same amount of money on a cheap pair that won't last year. There are about a dozen shoe repair shops within 3 miles of me, but if your neck the woods is cobbler-poor, don't despair. You can have your shoes resoled by mail. What a world!

Now if I could only still tune my own car...

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