Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trashion: my new favorite word

I'll admit being late to this neologism, but quick to embrace it, since it's a great one: trashion, which is fashion made of nearly 100% recycled or secondhand materials. As often happens, I've done trashion before I even knew the word -- witness my amazingly successful (at least with my son) T-shirt messenger bag and laptop sleeve. The word "trashion" results in 85,900 Google hits, so there's lots of sharing and reporting going on out there. Here are  a few links to get you started:

A fun article about making an entire outfit, including shoes and a shoulder bag, out of Starbucks discards.
The Trashion Nation group on Flickr.
The Refashion Archives on (not all strictly Trashion), but still some great ideas.
Wardrobe Refashion, which reminds me I'd like to sign up again and try some new projects.

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